Hello there.

We believe that fashion is a unique and valuable form of self-expression.

We believe that individual style radiates from the inside out.

We believe in the practice of sustainability, and fashion recycling.

We believe a girl should always have her party pants on.

We believe in being glass-half-full kinds of girls {preferably something bubbly}.

We believe in pretty things.

We believe in the classics.

We believe in bouquets of wildflowers, hand-written thank-you notes, and English bulldogs.

We believe in sequins, sparkle, and feathers.

We believe in Audrey{Hepburn}, Grace{Kelly}, and Jean{Seberg}.

We believe in having style icons.

We believe in Natalie{Portman}, Daphne{Guinness}, and Marion{Cotillard}.

We believe in red nail polish.

We believe in supporting women, building strong friendships, and cultivating new relationships.

We believe in the value of a G&T after a long day.

We believe that individuals do have the power to make the world a better place.