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Friday, August 12th, 2011

Revolve Your Closet

Glancing Girl here …

Up to 12 billion pounds of textile waste ends up in landfills every year – that’s more than 5% of the total waste composing our nation’s landfills.

Discarded clothing accounts for most of that waste.

Resale shops like Second Glance & The Annex are part of an eco-fashion initiative focused on reducing the amount of used clothing that ends up entering the solid waste stream – and contributing to the destruction of our planet.

We believe there’s a better way to live.

We believe in revolving closets, re-visiting trends, and that when a garment really must be discarded – choosing a responsible way to part with it.

You can make a tangible contribution to the eco-fashion effort by revolving your gently-worn garments with Second Glance & The Annex.

Those pieces that have been loved too much to revolve – donate them to a charitable organization that recycles textiles, rather than contributing to textile waste.

We donate to the ARC of Benton County and Vina Moses – both run thrift shops that operate in responsible and sustainable manners and support our local community.

We’re taking fall consignments right now – 7 days a week: 10-6 Monday through Saturday {11-7 at the Annex} and 12-5 on Sunday. It takes mere minutes to revolve a group from your closet, and you’ll feel good about engaging sustainable living in all aspects of your life.

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Friday, July 15th, 2011

Revolve Your Closet, Reset Your Style

Glancing Girl here …

The change of seasons is a natural time to get into your closet, take stock of what’s there, revolve what no longer works and reset your look.

And {I know this seems crazy, considering the summer we’ve had} we’re getting ready to begin accepting Fall consignments at the shops.

Get those last summer items out of your closet and into the shop within the next couple of weeks, because beginning August 1, we’ll be re-setting the shops for Fall.

Of course you know that revolving your wardrobe by participating in resale is a less expensive and far more socially & environmentally responsible way to engage the world of fashion.

Both of our locations are open 7 days a week, and take consignments without an appointment.

Hope to see you {and your closet} soon!

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Friday, July 1st, 2011


Glancing Girl here …

The latest wardrobe crush on closet visit is of 17-year old Sophia Gilligan’s suitcase.

She is adorable and her style so sophisticated for a teen.

Love it.

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Friday, June 10th, 2011


Glancing Girl here …

As promised, a shot of the Annex’s front window.

Pretty amazing, huh?

Niki Rhodes and Melanie Wright are the women behind this piece of art. Both graphic design students at OSU, and members of Studio 208, a student-run design firm on campus.

If Anthropologie had a little sister, she would totally look like this front window, don’t you think?

Love It.


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Friday, May 27th, 2011


Glancing Girl here …

Dear College Women,

Are you headed home for the summer? Before you leave, you should really consider going through your closet.

Have little black dresses you won’t be wearing again? Designer denim? Juicy hoodies? We want them.

We’ll help you revolve your closet, and make a little summer cash while you’re at it.

The Annex is open 11-6, Monday – Saturday and 12-5 on Sunday … consignment groups are accepted WITHOUT an appointment.

As of June 1, we move to summer hours: 11-7 Monday – Saturday; 12-5 on Sunday.

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