Have questions? We’ve got answers.

Q: What are you currently accepting?

A: We accept seasonal items – Fall & Winter: August through January, Spring: February through April, Summer: May through July. For an item to be accepted it must be in excellent condition {no stains, rips, or otherwise visible wear}, it must have been manufactured within the last two years, it must be an original {no faux designer handbags or denim}, and it must be a label we know we can sell {think: higher end department store labels and specialty boutique labels}.


Q: What are your best-selling labels?

A: Eileen Fisher, Cole Haan, J.Crew, David Kahn, Joe’s Jeans, Frye, Coach, Kate Spade, Kooba, Prairie Underground, Johnny Was, Free People, Anthropologie, Lululemon, Lucy, Margaret O’Leary, Chie Mihara, Betsey Johnson ….


Q: Do you accept vintage items?

A: No. As much as we admire the vintage look – our shop is known for its ‘revolving closet’ mentality. The vast majority of what we accept was just put out last season, or is part of a current collection.


Q: Do you pay cash for my items?

A: Most of the transactions we make are for consignment. We do consider buying designer handbags and denim outright. If you’re interested in cash on the spot – let us know. If your items fall into the designer category, we’ll make you a cash offer.


Q: Does my credit ever go away?

A: No. We manage our accounts electronically and the record of what you’ve made by recycling your closet never goes away.


Q: What happens to my items after the 60 days?

Unsold items get donated to a charitable organization {ARC of Benton County or Vina Moses} at the 60-day mark. If you’d like, we can provide you with a receipt of your donation for tax purposes.  If you would like your items back we do ask that you contact us before the 60 days are up.  That way we can pull them for you before you come into the store.  We do ask that once they are pulled that you come in within 3 days.


Q: Can you help me put together an outfit?

Yes! Some of our Glancing Girls are specifically trained as wardrobe stylists and are more than happy to assist you in creating ensembles. All you need to do is ask!