How to participate.

There are two ways to participate in the Second Glance experience.

One way is to shop with us; we’re open 7 days a week and we truly love your presence in our shop. The Glancing Staff is happy to help you find what you’re searching for, offer fashion advice, or just be a friendly face. Second Glance is not just a storefront and cash register – it’s meant to be an experience, a little bit of loveliness in your day.

The other way is to consign with us. We take consignments 7 days a week, without appointments.

Remember, we’re not a thrift shop. Second Glance is a specialty resale experience. To that end, we take seasonal items only (don’t bring your winter coats in June), and only items with labels that are desirable, and manufactured within the last two years – think about your favorite labels and what was new last season, that’s what will sell in our shop.

Clothing must be clean, pressed, neatly folded, and only gently worn. We won’t be able to take your item if it is in need of cleaning, regardless of how fabulous it may be. This is just an indication of the respect present in the relationship between Second Glance and our lovely consignors.

Items that we are able to consign stay on our floor for 60 days. Items that weren’t sold within that period are donated to the ARC of Benton County or Vina Moses (in part to make room for new merchandise and in part because we’re deeply committed to being a charitably minded business). When your item sells, you receive 40% of the price the item sold for.

Your “credit” is electronically stored in your account and you may pick it up anytime we’re open. There is no difference between the amount you receive if you choose to take cash or use shop credit. If you have $400 on your account – we’ll gladly write you a check for that amount or welcome you to use the same amount in the shop.

What a creative way to generate a wardrobe budget, right?!
My own closet is revolving – perhaps yours should be, too!

Questions? Just give us a jingle or drop in! We are open 10am – 6pm Monday thru Saturday, and 12 noon – 5pm on Sundays.  We are only closed 5-7 days are year; New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day(sometimes we are open), 4th of July, Labor Day(sometimes we are open), Thanksgiving, & Christmas Day.