Meet Nancy.

Nancy Bliss Kneisel is the founder and proprietor of Second Glance, Inc., a small chain of upscale resale boutiques in Corvallis, Oregon.  Additionally, she works as a freelance speaker and consultant, supporting the success of entrepreneurs in the field of sustainable fashion.

Thirty-three years ago, Nancy founded Second Glance.  Today, the shop has grown from 1000 to 1600 square feet, and occupies its original location at 312 SW Third Street.  The flagship boutique now includes a sister location at 214 SW Jefferson and the company has grown to sustain a staff of 14, including part-time and full-time employees, managers, executive assistants, visual display artists, and stylists.  When she’s not busy in one of her three locations, Nancy dedicates her time to freelance work, advising and consulting owners of resale operations throughout the country.  She maintains a full schedule of national speaking engagements at trainings, workshops, and seminars on the art of resale, entrepreneurship, and the burgeoning field of sustainability.  In addition to working in the broader field of resale and consignment, Ms. Kneisel is a sought-after speaker on the topic of customer service.  Her strategy combines personal passion for her profession with dynamite charisma, and a genuine desire to create relationships and community among a client base, not simply to mind the “bottom line.”  This delicate balance achieves personal fulfillment, a thriving business, employees who are able to increase the capacity of operations, and utilizes a ripple-effect to create healthy, local economies.

In her spare time, Nancy is active in her local community, giving intentional priority to nonprofit organizations whose goal is to improve the lives of women through education and increased access to resources.  Additionally, she is dedicated to her local economy and is an active member of the Corvallis Downtown Association, the Chamber of Commerce, Corvallis Independent Business Alliance, Women in Business, and mentors a group of local business-owners.  Most recently Nancy has been active in spending time with her four grandchild and cruising the NW in her airstream with her husband of 42 years, Gary.