What we are.

In a word, simply: sustainable. If there were a way to shop while practicing sustainable living, honoring the conscience, and not sacrificing style, we would be that way.

Not so long ago, “resale” meant “thrift” and thrift shops were dingy little stores hidden behind dated storefronts. There was a fair amount of shame involved with shopping in them – it indicated something unpleasant about who you were. Pleasant people shopped at Nordstrom and might make a yearly pilgrimage to Macy’s in California or Saks in New York.

Fortunately, our collective social conscience has begun to shift, and our awareness awakened. We’ve started to think about social responsibility, respecting the environment, minimizing our carbon footprint, the indecent level of consumerism and consumption present in our culture, the struggle of the locally owned company, trade deficits….

Can we live more simply? Can we consume less, recycle more, support each other in better, more mutually beneficial ways; can we live our lives with a global mindset – remembering that every decision we make contributes to a wave of impact?

How can we live conscientiously and sustainably while honoring our inner fashionista? Must we give that up?


We don’t think so.

We believe that fashion recycling shops like Second Glance are a wonderful way to experience the thrill of fashion while remaining socially responsible.

We could all drive to the city to our favorite department store or boutique for that piece our wardrobe is missing…
but when we have the chance to support a “green” method of shopping, a locally owned business, and save gas, why wouldn’t we?

After all, what we’re wearing doesn’t determine who we are – the choices we make, the way we live our lives, do.

And we want to be individuals who make responsible choices that impact our planet now and in the future in positive ways. We don’t want our legacy to be one of thoughtless consumption with a “look good at any cost” attitude.

Isn’t that the kind of individual we all want to be?

Shop Resale. It makes our world a better place.